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Facilitator, trainer, former community organizer, experienced nonprofit professional and heck of a good writer!
I connect people and ideas, one conversation at a time. You can reach me at:  -  202-427-5294


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Cornell Migrant Programs/Pesticide Education:
 Designed & wrote innovative pesticide education packet, including tutorial materials and comic book, used to teach migrant farm children how to avoid pesticide poisoning. The package, designed for use in New York State, was adapted by the United Nations Environment Programme for use in English-speaking Africa.

Future Trends in Associations Study: Co-managed the American Society of Association Executives Foundation’sEnvironmental Scan, a major research initiative into trends shaping the future of associations. Co-authored the study’s major publications, Facing the Future (129 pages) and Embracing the Future: An Action Guide for Association Leaders (121 pages).

Team Coach for the American Society of Association Executives:
 Served as coach for the CEO Team, a cross-divisional team that initiated interdepartmental collaboration on market research, knowledge-sharing and member service projects.

Community Organizer in Detroit: Organized a new neighborhood group by canvassing the community, identifying key issues, recruiting leaders, planning meetings and facilitating events leading to improved city services.

The Association of Zoos & Aquariums:
 Managed initiative to restore trust between the association and its Commercial Members. Conducted telephone interviews, facilitated focus group and wrote recommendations report.

Eurasia Foundation: Facilitated a series of retreats that garnered critical staff support for their new strategic plan which resulted in a major change in organizational philosophy and staffing. 

World Bank Institute: Facilitated staff retreat enabling the sharing of best practices from the field.

City of Fairfax Police Department: Facilitated leadership training for the, in conjunction with Bob Foxworthy, developer of Trust-Based Leadership™. Outcomes included ability to resolve problems quickly, greater willingness to assume individual leadership roles and communication protocols that improved collaborative performance.

Department of the Navy/Office of Civilian Human Resources’ Leadership Conference: Designed and led, Grassroots Leadership: Making a Difference Where You Work.

The American Chiropractic Association: Designed and facilitated a collaborative-skills workshop that taught volunteer liaisons techniques for improved partnerships with their state Blue Cross/Blue Shield associations. 

Team-Building Exercises: Created team-building exercises published by the American Society for Training and Development in the ASTD Organizational Development & Leadership Sourcebook and the ASTD Team & Organizational Development Sourcebook.

The American Alliance of Museums: Planned and implemented marketing program for the AAM’s Museum Assessment Program. Result: a dramatic increased in participation that ensured continued government funding from the Institute of Museum Services. Wrote brochures, direct mail letters and articles.

The Innovation University Program: Participated in program that visited innovative organizations around the United States (e.g., Coca Cola, Interface Global, One Workplace) as well as a visit to several organizations in Lima, Peru.


The American Society of Association Executives • The ASAE Foundation • The World Bank Institute/Human Development Division • Create Plenty • The Eurasia Foundation • The Fairfax Police Department • The National Society of Hispanic MBAs • The Association of Zoos & Aquariums •  The Audubon Naturalist Society • The Cornell Migrant Programs • The American Chiropractic Association • The Pan American Health Organization • The National Wooden Pallet and Container Association • The Center for American Nurses • The National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association • The National Business Incubation Association • The American Geophysical Union • The Association of Trial Lawyers of America • The American Institute of Architects • The American Society for Microbiology • The Intelligent Transportation Society of America • The Golf Course Superintendents Association of America • Volunteers of America • The Council for Chemical Research • The Association Foundation Group • The Association of College & University Housing Officers International • The Independent Insurance Agents of America • The Urban Land Institute • The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association • The American Health Information Management Association • The American Alliance of Museums


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